Friday, March 19, 2010

Pivot Love from Florida

Hello People Of Pivot,

I recently purchased your Pivot Mach 4 model after going through a long search (and thousands of dollars) seeking the perfect bike to fit my style of riding which is aggressive X-C. I had been looking for a bike that had enough travel to handle aggressive X-C riding, was able to do some light jumping, had precision high speed turning character, was a fast and stable climber, and designed to be durable so that I could spend more time riding and less time worrying about the bike.

My Pivot Mach 4 has met or exceeded all my expectations in every area and so far it has not given me a moment of mechanical or structural concern after 18 months or regular use on technical trails ( I wore out my shifter cables and a few tires). I have also been through a few high end carbon fiber bikes in the past and was always worried about the frame, when I crashed I spent the next 10 minutes checking every little scratch to see if was something more sinister...just too much worry for my style of riding especially after a frame cracked on my not to be named high end bike. Now I use carbon parts and have the bike at a weight close to the same as the carbon frames my Pivot pedals better, carbon problem solved.

Recently like many riders I have been drawn to the allure of the 29' wheels and have recently test ridden the Pivot Mach 429 conveniently rigged with a full XX groupo, wow guys...what a crazy good bike!

So now it looks like I am about to become a two bike owner (two Pivot owner) because I wont sell the my Mach 4 which I love and trust, but I just have to have that new Mach 429 after my most unique and amazing experience that I had on that test ride. I now understand why the 29'rs are getting so much attention, and I also understand why its great thins to have both bikes if at all possible.

I cant wait to see how your company progresses mountain bike design in the years to will be a tough task to top your current efforts....maybe more color options in the anodizing?

Thank you,

Bob Crow

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