Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New Pivot Down Hill Team!

If you follow pinkbike you may already know this, but here we go!

Pivot is the proud frame sponsor for a new downhill race team, Team Lex/Pivot Racing!
PinkBike will be following the team the entire year, and they also help sponsor the team. You can read their press announcement here - Team Lex/Pivot Racing announcement.

Team roster consists of:
Kyle Strait (USA)
Mitch Delfs (AUS)
Will Rischbieth (AUS)

Stay tuned for more information, team comments and race results.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Something Exciting Is Coming!

Stay tuned to the blog, site and the interweb for some extremely exciting news from Pivot in the next week or so. That's all I'm sayin' for now.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Pivot Love from Florida

Hello People Of Pivot,

I recently purchased your Pivot Mach 4 model after going through a long search (and thousands of dollars) seeking the perfect bike to fit my style of riding which is aggressive X-C. I had been looking for a bike that had enough travel to handle aggressive X-C riding, was able to do some light jumping, had precision high speed turning character, was a fast and stable climber, and designed to be durable so that I could spend more time riding and less time worrying about the bike.

My Pivot Mach 4 has met or exceeded all my expectations in every area and so far it has not given me a moment of mechanical or structural concern after 18 months or regular use on technical trails ( I wore out my shifter cables and a few tires). I have also been through a few high end carbon fiber bikes in the past and was always worried about the frame, when I crashed I spent the next 10 minutes checking every little scratch to see if was something more sinister...just too much worry for my style of riding especially after a frame cracked on my not to be named high end bike. Now I use carbon parts and have the bike at a weight close to the same as the carbon frames anyway...plus my Pivot pedals better, carbon problem solved.

Recently like many riders I have been drawn to the allure of the 29' wheels and have recently test ridden the Pivot Mach 429 conveniently rigged with a full XX groupo, wow guys...what a crazy good bike!

So now it looks like I am about to become a two bike owner (two Pivot owner) because I wont sell the my Mach 4 which I love and trust, but I just have to have that new Mach 429 after my most unique and amazing experience that I had on that test ride. I now understand why the 29'rs are getting so much attention, and I also understand why its great thins to have both bikes if at all possible.

I cant wait to see how your company progresses mountain bike design in the years to come...it will be a tough task to top your current efforts....maybe more color options in the anodizing?

Thank you,

Bob Crow

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Imitation Is The Sincerest Form of Flattery

We at Pivot are known for our mountain bike innovations. We're more of a product and engineering driven company than we are a marketing company. But I think we've done some pretty cool ads, promotions and events (of course, I'm the marketing guy.) But we're pretty small. We'll never have the kind of budget or reach that some of the big guys will.

You would think that the big guys, with their fancy ad agencies and massive marketing and ad budgets would try a little harder to come up with some original ideas. So I was a little surprised to see the latest Sam Hill promo with the headline "One Rig to Rule them All." We are currently running a Mach 5 ad with the headline "One Bike to Rule them All," because the Mach 5 rules over a wide variety of terrain. We've been running this ad since August of last year.

On the one hand I'm flattered that someone would find my work good enough to lift. But on the other, I worked pretty hard on that ad concept and would like to keep it for myself. The only other scenario is that they have never seen our ad and came up with it on their own. But I don't find it likely. The ad runs in the same magazines they do and it has been running for 6-7 months. And it is a pretty noticeable ad, what with the flaming Phoenix and all. You turn the page and BOOM there it is.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Pivot Cycles Signs 24 Hour World Champion

TEMPE, AZ – The reigning World 24 Hour champion is riding Pivot Cycles for the 2010 season. Jason English, from Port Macquarie, Australia will defend his title aboard the USA’s most innovative full suspension mountain bikes.

“Jason is a perfect match for Pivot,” said Adam Vincent, Pivot’s marketing manager. “He demands a bike that is lightweight, stiff and precise and pedals with efficiency. The Mach 4’s innovative frame design with dw-link technology delivers.”

English will be riding the 2010 Pivot Mach 4 with Fox Suspension, DT Wheels, Magura Brakes, and Kenda Tires. His bike weighs in under 22 lbs and gives him an advantage in efficiency and handling over some of the world’s toughest race courses. English rode the Mach 4 to victory at his first race of the year, the JetBlack 24Hours in Sydney Feb 13.

“The Pivot Mach 4 bikes are amazing. Despite the torrential rain and the wet, muddy, slippery conditions I was able to put over 3 minutes on my nearest competitor on the 2km downhill single-track section of the course. This enabled me to take it easy on the fire road climb back up and save my legs,” English said. “Part of my decision to move to Pivot was that I had read so much about the climbing and descending abilities of the Pivot Mach 4 and wanted to experience this for myself. I am not disappointed.”
Pivot secured the sponsorship with the help of its top global distributor, JetBlack Products. “We see this as a perfect partnership with the best rider in the world riding arguably the best endurance weapon ever made,” said JetBlack Marketing Director, Tony Simmonds. “Jason is going to be unstoppable.”

For more information, contact Adam Vincent, marketing manager: 480-467-2920, adam@pivotcycles.com

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pivot Cycles rips it up at 24 Hours In The Old Pueblo

This past weekend was a great one for the Pivot Cycles crew! We won the 24 Hours of Old Pueblo duo division and our office team had a moral victory, finishing 10th in the 5 person co-ed division.

Our A-Team consisted of Brian Bennett and Ernesto Marenchin who were contending for the overall in the duo category. Both guys have been top 5 finishers at some of the bigger solo events around the country and know how to lay it down. Brian opened the race with a blistering fast 1:04 time over the 16-mile course. Ernesto was only a minute slower on his opening lap. The pair didn't slow down their pace until lap 7, when they finally started turning laps in the 1:10 range.

Ernesto proved he's a hard man by finishing lap 6 in 1:09 after being taken out by another rider and put into a very large cactus, bending his front wheel in the process. After finishing his lap he spent 45 minutes in the med tent getting the cactus spines pulled from his arms and legs while our tech rep and all-around good guy Joshua Baker tried to fix his wheel. An hour or so later he got back on his bike with a slightly less taco'd wheel and turned a 1:11.

The guys didn't slow down all night long and by the end of the 24 hours, the team was up by almost 2 laps over the nearest competition. Brian was riding his Mach 4 for the entire event. Ernesto rolled his 429.

Further back in the pack, the Pivot crew was ripping out some decent laps to place a very respectable 10th place. As I mentioned, it was a moral victory for us. We're all good riders, but we all work very hard and haven't trained for a race in a very long time. The 24 Hours In The Old Pueblo was kind of a whim for us and we approached the event with a pretty casual attitude. Basically we were just going to have fun.

But once the race started, those old competitive juices started flowing. Kenny, an extremely skilled rider who assembles sold bikes and helps fabricate in the shop, volunteered to take the first lap - including the run. None of us wanted to do the run, so we were stoked. It ended up being a nice walk to his bike. The start of the race is total chaos and it takes a couple laps for the course to clear up a bit. Kenny turned a 1:20 on his first lap, taking it easy in all the traffic and saving himself for later in the race. On his second lap he turned a team-best 1:15. On his 36 lb Firebird that he uses for dirt jumping and freeride. At night.

Richard Cunningham, one of the editors at Mountain Bike Action, was up next and turned a 1:18 on his 429. He is a fit guy for being 56 year's old. He was fun to have around the campfire and helped the 24 hours pass quickly. He has lots of stories to tell and gave us some good advice during the race.

Chris, Pivot's founder, was up next. He turned a 1:19 on his Mach 4, which is pretty impressive considering he has a pretty bad back from a motorcycle accident last year. His back acted up on his second lap and his leg actually fell asleep. He got off and walked/ran for a bit until the feeling came back, but he only slowed down to a 1:34.

Cindy, who is Chris's wife, was up next. She is pretty mellow when you see her in the office, but she is a competitor when she gets on the bike. She couldn't get the baton fast enough from Chris. She was a little concerned about her lack of training coming into the race, but she dug deep and turned a 1:20. I think she had more fun than anyone over the weekend. By the end of the weekend she was spent and happy. (2 days later, she's still whooped, but is asking when the next race is.)

I (Adam, the marketing guy) was the anchor and team captain. I probably had fewer miles under me than anyone this year and was a bit aprehensive about holding up for the whole weekend. My nervousness (and the Double-Double from In n Out Burger) were really messing with my stomach. I dug pretty deep on lap one and turned a 1:16. I finished my lap in the dark, came back to camp and had a beer. I found it hard to eat much and couldn't sleep. I was in a bit of a daze on my first night lap until I went off trail and just missed a giant cholla. After my last lap in the morning I was famished after eating banana bread and Hammer Gel all night and had the best steak sandwich ever made.

Richard was the last man to go and was pushing to get back before the 12:00 cutoff so we could get another lap in. He missed it by a minute. In then end, it wouldn't have mattered as we still would have finished in 10th.

A special thanks is due to Joshua for helping out at the expo and keeping us going through the night. Thanks also are due to the Epic Ride crew who put on a great event.